"The world of municipal finance and credit analysis is a complex one. Triet's background as an analyst and portfolio manager at the highest levels recommend his work to anyone who seeks further comfort as an investor in assessing the reward for risk taken in municipal high yield."

James Colby, Sr. Municipal Strategist/Portfolio Manager at Van Eck Global


"Triet is first rate professional with deep and broad perspective on the municipal market, and focus on the high yield category. The difference between managing high grade munis and high yield is like the difference between the work of a pharmacist and a that of a surgeon - it just takes alot more understanding of corporate credit and decades of experience to develop the judgment required. Triet has it. Triet sub-advised discretionary high yield muni accounts for my previous firm with excellent results. I recommend him highly."

Robert Cusack, Portfolio Manager at WhaleRock Point Partners, LLC


Samantha Jones, Project Manager